4 NFT Tools To Dive Deeper And Unlock More Alpha

5 min readMay 27, 2022


Four tools that take doing your own research to another level.

If you’ve been spending time in the NFT world, jumping into Discords and exchanging information with other curious investors, you’ve likely come across the idea of alpha.

Alpha is that information you pick up from those deep in the space, the edge that tapped-in investors can use to get in on the right NFT communities.

As tempting as it is to have this information ahead of time, it also requires being in all the right places, spending time with the right people, and always being ready to seize the moment.

Your ability to make solid investments in the NFT world depends on getting the right information at the right time.

Not everyone has that time, though. Instead, it’s about finding the tools that can support your journey.

Last week, we shared a few of the must-know tools for those new to NFT investing, covering some of the unique features of rarity.tools, DappRadar, OpenSea, icy.tools, and Nansen.AI.

Given their niche uses or more complex interfaces, the following four NFT investment tools will give you more fine-grained detail. That accessibility is more hard-earned, though, as you will either need more experience to make use of the detailed datasets or premium memberships.

Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper

Billed as a service for advanced traders, Trait Sniper has impressive functionality, including early rarity rankings of new collections within 30 seconds.

With integrations and extensions that make it easy to extend their resources while you browse on OpenSea and LooksRare, you’re able to leverage their data to find undervalued NFTs. While the main version is free, premium memberships are available through a limited-edition NFT.

What the premium version of Trait Sniper unlocks for you:

Trait Sniper has two lifetime passes — the Alpha Sniper (3000 minted) and Genesis Sniper (333 minted) — that are sold out (though you can find the collection here on OpenSea currently at a floor price of about 0.289).

With one of these lifetime passes, you’ll have access to immediate rankings on revealing collections, the ability to place mass bids, as well as Trait Sniper-specific perks.

3 Trait Sniper features to explore:

  • Understand new collection rarity rankings within 30 seconds of a drop
  • Filter collections by trait, rank, price with their intuitive filtering system
  • Extend the insights to OpenSea and LooksRare with the Trait Sniper plugin


When you know the information you’re looking for on the Ethereum blockchain, Etherscan is the place to find it. As the name suggests, it’s possible to track all Ethereum-based tokens that are used for building NFTs on Ethereum.

At the time of this post, there are 78,301 ERC-721 Token Contracts listed on Etherscan. Through the platform, you can track a project’s history, prices, minting, and distribution. It’s free to access and easy to use — though it does help to know what exactly it is you’re looking for.

What the premium version of Etherscan unlocks for you:

Etherscan remains free to use and doesn’t require registration.

3 Etherscan features to explore:

  • Research and validate transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Track gas prices and see which contracts are consuming the most
  • Analyze statistics by transaction, token, network, and miner



To get real-time NFT analytics at your fingertips, including mints, sales, and prices, Moby is one of the best NFT tracking tools.

With many of its features available for free, this is an ideal service for those active investors who want to spot opportunities as they are happening. To unlock the actual real-time results, users will need to sign up for Moby’s premium service, which costs 0.1 ETH for six months.

What the premium version of Moby unlocks for you:

With the Pro version of Moby, you’ll get access to smaller time intervals (including 1 minute and 10 minutes), as well as the rest of Moby’s real-time features like real-time feeds for mints and sales, wallet and popular mint alerts, historical collection data, and graphs updating in real time.

3 Moby features to explore:

  • Get in-depth details about popular mints, including mint price, ETH price, and mint volume
  • Browse available NFTs, mints, sales, whales, and wallets in a thorough cross-section of the NFT space
  • Identify NFT sweeps as they happen to have a better idea of the buying and selling dynamics of a collection

Rank NFT

Centered on providing rarity rankings within seconds of a collection’s release, Rank NFT is one of the few sites that also analyzes Polygon NFT collections, too. By prioritizing the speed of information and pairing it with a clean layout, they help interested investors find projects faster.

What the premium version of Rank NFT unlocks for you:

Rank NFT offers a few subscription levels, including Free, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise. The main benefits of paying for their service include access to the browser extension and being able to request increasingly more collections be ranked on the website.

3 Rarity Sniffer features to explore:

  • Well-displayed data puts focus on their proprietary NFT rarity score
  • Tracks giveaways for investors looking for developing projects
  • Drill down on trait-specific data and scores

Where Dakko.ai Fits In The Mix

As we continue to develop Dakko, it’s been invigorating to see how these tools address the market. Our goal with our machine-learning algorithm is to take much of this fine-grained data and distill it into a number you can use today.

To us, there’s a time and place for leafing through historical trends and collection activity. If you find yourself with less time or you want to confirm (or reject!) a hypothesis you’ve got, we believe Dakko can be that tool. We have several spots left for qualified users, so we encourage you to visit our site and apply to join our Private Access List.




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