The Top 5 Tools For New NFT Investors

Looking for the best NFT asset for a profitable investment is a challenge for even the most experienced investors.

The Key To Investing In NFTs

The Risks & Rewards of NFT Investing

Finding the Best NFTs

  • How rare the NFT is in comparison with its collection
  • Its current price compared to its past sale prices
  • Its price compared to its collection
  • The background of the creator or the community
  • How involved or engaged the community is on Twitter and on Discord
  • Which marketplaces the NFTs are listed on

5 Easy-to-Use NFT Tools for Investors

Browse investments like an art gallery with

  • Easily understand an individual NFT’s rarity with its rarity score
  • Rank art in terms of rarity, volume in ETH, average price, available collections on the market, number of owners, sales, and more
  • Track upcoming NFT mints

Track all of your crypto holdings with DappRadar

  • Discover new projects in the NFT space and beyond with ranking list of all existing Decentralized Applications
  • Monitor and track your acquired assets with the intuitive portfolio tracker
  • Browse celebrity investors and whale wallets

Bid, buy, and trade NFTs with OpenSea

  • Buy NFTs that are listed for sale or bid on NFTs that you’re interested in but aren’t listed for sale
  • Browse multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Klayton, and soon, Solana
  • See collection page for real-time performance and history and sort by trait rarity

Keep your analytical cool with

  • Sort through data with finetooth control, including what’s trending over the last minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes (with a premium membership)
  • Discover projects as they are minting, along with the number of mints and first mint date
  • Enjoy custom alerts — SMS, Discord, Twitter, and others — for the projects and wallets you follow

Perform due diligence with Nansen.AI

  • Level up from an interested investor to an experienced one with Nansen’s wide range of guides, reports, blogs, and research
  • Dive deeper with data on multiple chains, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and more
  • Stay on top of gas prices with Nansen.AI’s Ethereum gas tracker

How makes NFT investing better



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